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Radiation Shielded Walls

Radiation shielded drywall panels are a simple, cost-effective solution to x-ray shield a radiation imaging room. This is the most efficient method of converting a regular room into a certified X-ray room.


High quality X-ray shielded wall panels are delivered with the required installation accessories such as lead batten strips for the drywall joints and lead discs to cover the screw heads. They work with new or existing construction, and are easily installed onto studs using regular drywall screws. Paintable and durable, they install similar to regular sheetrock and do not require any special training or certification. They come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, and have several lead equivalency densities. Custom heights, and thicknesses can be fabricated to suit varying needs. With X-ray shielding wall panels from, you can turn any space into an X-ray room. Prefabricated lead lined wall panels are an easy radiation shielding solution.


Walls with radiation protection are used to guard people against the harmful effects of radiation exposure, which can include cancer, sickness, hair loss, fainting, and more. Lead is the ideal material for blocking radiation, as its dense field of electrons scatters X-ray energy as it passes through the material. Lead is a proven solution for X-ray radiation protection, and is better than concrete, steel, and brick. X-ray shielding wall panels can be used in:


  • Medical diagnostic imaging rooms

  • Radiation therapy rooms

  • Laboratories

  • Nuclear energy facilities

  • Airports


Leaded Radiation Shielding Walls Built to Last


Radiation shielding lead wall panels can be used to create a safe environment anywhere X-rays and radiation-emitting machines are present, especially in medical care settings. When you choose your leaded radiation shielding wall panels, be sure that you are receiving materials that deliver the radiation protection required in your shielding report, and that the wall accessories are included. takes the extra steps to ensure you receive the protection you need, including lead strips to cover panel joints, and lead discs to cover any screw heads, ensuring that radiation does not penetrate into your walls or other surfaces.


Get a fast, free quote for leaded radiation shielding wall panels.


With quick turnaround times, they can deliver leaded radiation shielding wall panels on time to meet your tight construction deadlines while making sure everything is done right to your projects specifications so you can count on safe operations for years to come.

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